Some Important Report

Eve Teasing
Hasan Mahmud,21-01-11: Different kinds of social crimes prevail in our country. Eve teasing is one of them. Eve teasing means banter (Zxeª nvwm VvÆv) of the girls and women. Nowadays the school or college-going girls have become the victim of it. A class of derailed (jvBbPz¨Z) young boys is involved in this crime. Many girls commit suicide because of it. Sometimes they put an end of their academic lives. The teenagers get inspired to it by watching extensive vulgar programmes on satellite TV channels. Very recently some deaths are caused by eve teaser. It is very painful and touching incident. This crime must not be allowed to go on unchecked. To stop eve teasing massive efforts are needed. Every family can play a vital role in this regard. To prevent eve teasing, the govt. has already taken some programmes. All educated people should come forward to remove this malady from the society. Besides the law enforcing agencies need to be active. If we can build up an anti-eve-teasing atmosphere, it will surely help us to remove this social curse.

1. Write a report on a road accident.
A Car Accident on Dhaka-Manikgonj Highway
M Rahman
Staff Reporter, July 5, 2011
Five people were killed in a road accident on the Dhaka-Manikgonj highway under Manikgonj sadar upzila, Manikgonj yesterday morning.
The dead were Shahidullah 35, Karim 30, Halim 40 and others were unknown. Police and witness said the accident occurred between a tempo and a super service passenger bus Aricha Ghat.
The five people were coming home by the tempo from there working place. The three were the village of Baitora.
The other injured were admitted to Manikgonj Sadar Gov. Hospital.
Police seized the bus, but its driver and helper managed to flee.
2. Write a report on the celebration of the Independence Day.
Celebration of the Independence Day
Manikgonj, 21 October 2011
This year our college celebrated the Independence Day. On the occasion our college took a different look. It organized a special programme.
The function began with a discussion meeting in the premises. The speakers focused on the significance of the Independence Day. All of them showed respect towards the valiant sons of our soils who laid down their lives to make our country free. Next sports and a cultural function were held.
A friendly football match was played between the teachers and the students. The cultural function included essay writing competing, recitation of poetry. After distribution of prizes among the winners, the function came to and end.
3. Write a report on the celebration of the Birth Anniversary of the National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.
Celebration of the Birth Anniversary of the National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam
Manikgonj, 21 October 2011
……../ Our college celebrated the Birth Anniversary of the National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. On the occasion the college auditorium was decorated colourfully.
The principal of our college presided over the function. The teachers and the students of the college and some literary persons attended the celebration programme.
The function began with the recitation from the holy Quran at 10 am in the morning. Then students, teachers and some guests delivered speeches. After the speeches had been over, some songs composed by Nazrul Islam were sung by local artists. After that, there was a recitation competition.
The programme came to an end at 1.00 pm with a speech of thanks by the Principal of our college.
4. Write a report on the problem of traffic jam in your locality bringing out the causes, effects and possible solutions.
Traffic Jam Paralyses City
Manikgonj 21 October 2011
Traffic jams have become a common affair in the city. The rapid growth of population and the increasing number of vehicles in the city is the main reason for traffic jam. The narrowness of roads is another cause of traffic jam. In proportion to the population of the city roads have not increased. The roads are all small. Unlicensed vehicles should be brought under control. The drivers are not willing to obey the traffic rules. Their overtaking tendency also causes traffic jam. The number of traffic police is also insufficient.
At office time traffic jam is intolerable. It kills our valuable time and our work is hampered. It causes great suffering to the ambulance carrying serious patients. The study of the students is also hampered.
However, this problem can be solved by adopting some measures. Well planned spacious roads should be constructed. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly. Sufficient traffic police should be posted. Unlicensed vehicles should be removed. After doing all these things we can hope to get a traffic jam free city.
5. Write a report on the reception programme arranged to welcome the new students of the college.

Freshers Reception Held
Manikgonj 21 October 2011
X college organized a ‘Freshmen Orientation Programme’ for the new HSC level students in the college auditorium. The programme was divided into two segments. The first segment included the speeches, rules and regulations and introductions of different teachers and organizations. The segment was a cultural programme.
In the opening of the function the students and teachers spoke about the growth and development and many other matters. Then the teachers were introduced. Next all the different organizations were introduced.
At last they staged a drama written by Rabindranath Tagore. The new students enjoyed the programme and vowed to study properly to uphold the image of the college.
6. Write report on an exciting cricket match.
An Exciting Cricket Match
Mnikgonj 26 October 2011
Yesterday, I witnessed a One Day International cricket match. The match was held at the Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka. It was an enjoyable match.
The match was held between Bangladesh and India. I, along with my friends, went to the stadium to watch the match. The toss went in Indian’s favour. Indian captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni decided to bat first. Bangladeshi Bowlers bowled well. India scored 231 runs for 7 wickets.
Bangladesh came to bat at the half. The opening batsmen began to bat well up to 10 over. But after that 3 wickets were gone and Bangladesh was under pressure.
However, the fourth and fifth batsmen were able to change the situation. After 45 over Bangladesh scored 200 runs for 5 wickets. Bangladesh then required 32 runs out of 30 balls to win the match. And in the final ball the batsman hit a boundary. Thus Bangladesh won the match with 3 wicket in hand.
7.A report on annual sports/cultural week/prizing giving award.
Annual sports/cultural week/price giving ceremony held in our college
M Rahman
Balirtek, Manikgonj, March 6, 2011
The annual sports, cultural week and prize awarded ceremony of the meritorious students were held in X college yesterday. The college authority arranged this event as a part of co-curricular activities in the current academic session. The annual sports were held on the college ground in a befitting manner. The ground was decorated with colourful flags and paper designs. A beautiful gate was erected at the entrance of the playground. The function started at 9am. Spectators enjoyed the excellent performance of the students. At the end of the programme, the winners were awarded different attractive prizes. All students, teachers and guardians enjoyed the programme.

Sinking Launch in the Padma/River
Staff Reporter, on 3rd November 2009:
Launch MV Nasreen sank near Chandpur town, 170 km southwest of Dhaka last day midnight after it was caught in cross current at the joining point of three rivers –Meghna, Padma and Dakatia.

A total of 155 bodies were found in southern Bhola and Barisal district. Hope for locating the launch is fading despite use of sonar system. The triple deck launch was carrying about 1000 passengers, while its sanctioned capacity is 300. Some 200 passengers were able to reach to safely by themselves or rescued by people. Bangladesh Navy used sonar equipment but failed to locate the launch. Officials in Chandpur said divers of the in water Transport Authority could not go down deep enough because of the strong current.

Chief Executive of Chandpur district told reporters, “It was almost impossible to locate the launch due to bad weather.