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Rules of filling gaps with the correct form of the words in brackets.

Rules of using noun:

  1. Article + () + verb=noun. The +(poor) + is a curse. Ans. The poverty is a curse.
  2. Article +()+ preposition + noun = Noun. Flood has brought the + (poor) + for Bangladesh. Flood has brought poverty for Bangladesh.
  3. () + verb =noun. (Honest) is the best policy. Ans Honesty is the best policy.
  4. adjective+ () + preposition=noun.  She bought a beautiful (pen) for his brother. Ans. She bought a beautiful pen for his brother.
  5. () + of + noun= noun. (Poor) of Bangladesh is deadly. Poverty of Bangladesh is deadly.
  6. Preposition + () + preposition= noun. The purpose of (read) of a student is to acquire knowledge. The purpose of reading of a student is to acquire knowledge.
  7. article+ (adjective)+ noun=noun+preposition. The (beautiful) Taj attracts everybody. The beauty of Taj attracts everybody.
  8. verb + ( )+preposition=noun. He helped (Sumon) for complete improvement. He helped Sumon for complete improvement.
  9. () +preposition + noun = Noun .(aware ) of knowledge is essential to learn a language. Awareness of knowledge is essential to learn a language.
  10. some/ any/ few/ little/ a little/ many/ more/ much/ only/ every/ each/ no=noun. He has done many (work). He has done many works.
  11. There + verb + (  ) +ex= noun. (  ) Gi g‡a¨  adjective _vK‡j noun, noun _vK‡j adjective
  12. his, her, my, our, their, it’s , your, Rahim’s ( ) =noun/ adjective. () Gi g‡a¨ adjective _vK‡j noun, noun _vK‡j adjective.                 ****   the+ ( ) + the= noun + preposition.
Rules of using adjective:
  1. Article + (noun)+ noun=adjective. An (honesty) man can never do it. Ans. An honest man can never do it.
  2. verb+()+noun=adjective. He is doing (complicate) works. He is doing complicated works.
  3. be verb+()+preposition=adjective. He is (expertise) in any handicrafts. He is expert in any handycrafts.
  4. be verb adverb+()=adjective. She is very (beauty). She is very beautiful.
  5. be verb+as+()+as=adjective. She is as (beauty) as her sister. She is as beautiful as her sister.
  6. with+(adverb)=adjective.(ly _vK‡j ev`)
Rules of using adverb:
  1. (adjective)+sub=adverb(ev‡K¨i A_© Abyhvqx)
(Gradual) she came round. Ans. Gradually she came round.
  1. End of the sentence+(adjective)=adverb. She walks (slow). She walks slowly.
  2. A.V. +() +PV=adverb. He has (recent) come home. He has recently come home.
  3. PV+()+adjective=adverb. He is (complete) gentle. He is completely gentle.
  4. article+() + adjective=adverb. She is a () +beautiful girl. She is very beautiful girl.
  5. pv+()+preposition +adverb +adjective +noun=adverb. He talks (loud) in any matter. He talks loudly in any matter.
Some rules of changing parts of speech:
  1. ev‡K¨ hw` verb bv _v‡K Zvn‡j person, number, tense, voice Abyhvqx verb em‡e|
  2. wµqv‡K †K Øviv cÖkœ Ki‡j DËi hw` wµqvi c~‡e© _v‡K Zvn‡j active, c‡i _vK‡j ev bv _vK‡j passive|
  3. to e¨ZxZ Ab¨ †Kvb preposition Gi ci verb _vK‡j , Zvi mv‡_ AwaKvsk mg‡q ing †hvM nq| adjective _vK‡j noun nq A_ev A_© Abyhvqx Ab¨ wKQy n‡Z cv‡i|
  4. ( Main verb)+ noun+ be verb= () Gi verb pp
  5. wµqvi c~‡e© hw` GKvwaK _v‡K noun, Zvn‡j cÖ_g preposition Gi c~‡e©i noun Abyhvqx verb Gi numberwba©vwiZ n‡e|

Common Idioms and Phrases for the H.S.C students:

Salt of the earth-mr e¨w³-Everybody knows him as the salt of the earth.
In one voice-m‡e©vm¤§wZµ‡g-Everybody speaks in one voice on this issue.
Bad blood-kΓZv-There is no bad blood between the two brothers.
In no time-kxNÖ- I shall come back in no time
Miss the bus-my‡hvM nviv‡bv-If you do not hurry up you will miss the bus.
Above one’s station-Kv‡iv mvgvwRK Ae¯’v‡K Qvwo‡q-She is speaking above her station.
Dead on time-wVK mg‡q-We went to school dead on time.
Bell the cat-wec`RbK wKQy Kiv- Everybody knows the matter but there was none to bell the cat.
Facts and figure-mvaviY Z_¨-I know the facts and figures of the matter.
The nitty-gritty-g~j welq-I know the nitty-gritty of the fact.
At all-‡gv‡Ui Dci-He does not read at all.   *  On the instant-Zr¶YvrÑ I recognized her on the instant.
 In a row-avivevwnKfv‡e –The worker stood in a row.
To keep body and soul together-Kvq‡K¬‡k Rxeb hvcb Kiv-He is trying his best to keep body and soul together.         *  End in smoke-e¨_© nIqv-All his attempt ended in smoke.
In black and white-wjwLZfv‡e-He charged against me in black and white
Get rid of –gyw³-We should get rid of false friends.
Look forward to-Avkv Kiv –I look forward to meeting you.
Tell upon-¶wZ Kiv  -Overeating tells upon our health.
Beggar description-eY©bvZxZ-Their sorrows are beggar description.
At sixes and sevens-G‡jv‡g‡jvfv‡e-The books are kept on the table at sixes and sevens
Bone of contention-SMovi welq-The piece of land is a bone of connection of the two brothers.
Weal and woe-my‡L`y‡L- Well and woe come by turns.
In a fix-wKsKZ©e¨weg~p- I am in a fix what to do.
All but-cÖvq-The man is all about ruined.
Carry the day-Rqx nIqv-We carried the day in the match.
For good-wPiZ‡i –He left the country for good.
Hard up-AfveMÖ¯—- Most of our people are hard up.
Play truant-¯‹zj cvjv‡bv-The boy was punished for playing truant.
Red tape-Awdm msµvš— evav-Red tape formalities always hinder our development.
By virtue of -¸‡Y- He succeeded in life by virtue of hard labour.
Apple of discord-weev‡`i welq-The piece of land is an apple of discord between two brothers.
In a nutshell-ms‡¶‡c-He told the story in a nutshell.
Big guns-wewkó e¨w³eM© -Big guns of the society were invited in the party.
Head or tail-gv_v gyÊy-I do not uderstand head or tail of the story.
At large-¯^vaxbfv‡e-The birds fly at large in the sky.
In full swing-cyiv`‡g –Our classes are going on in the full swing.
Nip in the bud-AsKz‡i webó nIqv-After death of his father; all his hopes were nipped in the bud.
Look down upon-N„Yv Kiv-We should not lood down upon the poor.
Lion’s share-‡ekxi fvM Ask-The mill owners took the lion’s share of the profit.
A slow coach-Ajm e¨w³-Karim being a slow coach will not shine in life.
All in all-m‡e©me©v-My father is all in all in our familly.
By dint of-e‡j- He prospered in life by dint of hard labour.
On the sly-‡Mvc‡b- He came to me on the sly.
Speak ill of –e`bvg Kiv-You should not speak ill of others.
By the time-BwZg‡a¨-By the time you must have received the letter.
A mammoth task-wekvj KvR-Eradication of poverty is a mammoth task.
A stone’s throw-‡ewk `~‡i bq-Our school is not a stone’s throw from our village.
In vogue-cÖPwjZ-Yet polygamy is in vogue in the rural areas.
Far and wide-me©Î-His name has spreaded far and wide.
Keep a cool head-ivMvwš^Z bv nIqv-Keep a cool head in danger.
Make sense-eySv-This sentence does not make sense.
By hook or by crook-‡h‡Kvb Dcv‡q-I shall finish the work by hook or by crook.
Black and blue-‡e`g cÖnvi- The police has beaten the thief black and blue.
Throw dust in one’s eyes-‡Pv‡L a~jv †`qv- Do not try to throw dust in your parents’ eyes.
Well off-¯^”Qj- He is now well off.
White elephant-e¨q mva¨- The project seems to be a white elephant for Bangladesh.
Out and out-AvMv‡Mvov- He is out and out a gentleman.
At a streech-GKUvbv- He can do work at a streech.
 Let alone-‡gv‡UB bv/D‡j­L bv Kiv- I cannot eat three eggs let alone 20 eggs.
Look down upon-bxPz g‡b Kiv- Do not look down upon the poor.
Out of touch-‡hvMv‡hv‡Mi evB‡i- I am out of touch with my family.
Burning question-¸i“Z¡c~Y© cÖkœ- Illiteracy is Burning question in Bangladesh.
Out of doors-evB‡i- Do not go out of doors without permission.
A square meal-`yÕ gy‡Vv fvZ- The poor do not get a square meal everyday.
A rainy day-`~w`©b- You should save money for a rainy day.
Flesh and blood-i³ gvs‡mi ‡`nÑ No flesh and blood can bear this insult.
Put up with-mn¨ Kiv – You should put with the changing world.
Gala day-Avb‡›`i w`b- The victory day is gala day for the people of Bangladesh.
Loom large-fqven ûgwK- Population problem now looms large in Bangladesh.
Achilles’ heel-`ye©j ¯’vb- There is an Achilles’ heel in his character.
Run short-NvUwZ- He ran short of money.
Take for granted-wbf©~j e‡j a‡i †bqv- He took the news for granted.
Give in-nvi gvbv- At last the opposite party gave in.
All and sundry-mKj †jvK- All and sundry took part in the discussion.
Get by heart-gyL¯’ Kiv- He got the poem by heart.
Green horns-‡evKv- There are many green horns in our society.
Make both ends meet-Kvq‡K¬‡k Rxeb hvcb Kiv- The poor can not make both ends meet.
Take one to task-wZi¯‹vi Kiv- I took him to task for his misconduct.
On behalf of –c‡¶- We should work on behalf of our country.
At a glance-GKbR‡i- I saw you at a glance.
From hand to mouth-‡Kvb iK‡g Rxeb aviY Kiv- The poor live from hand to mouth.
Cut a sorry figure-Lvivc Kiv- He has cut a sorry figure in the test examination.
Open secret-‡Mvcb A_P ÁvZ- Nowadays bribery is an open secret.
Ups and downs-DÌvb cZb- Ups and downs is a part and parcel of our life.
At daggers drawn-kΓfvevcbœ- Two brothers are at daggers drawn over the land.
In the long run-cwiYv‡g – Honesty is rewarded in the long run.
A bird’s eye view-fvmv fvmv `„wó- Do not try to see everything in a bird’s eye view.
In course of time-Kv‡j- In course of time, he will succeed in life.
Turn a deaf ear-Kv‡b bv †Zvjv-He turned a deaf ear to the advice.
A leap in the dark-wec¾bK Kv‡R nv‡Z †`qv-You should not do a leap in the dark.
Every now and then-hLb-ZLb-He comes here every now and then.
A piece of cake-Lye mnR KvR-Writing a poem is a piece of cake to him.
Master strong-`‡j `‡j Avmv-They mastered strong to hear him.  **Yellow dog-nxb e¨w³-A yellow dog is hated by all.   **Yeoman’s service-webv jv‡f fvj KvR-He did yeoman’s service for his village.

First paper Suggestion for the students of H.S.C-2012(passage):







2(c),3b,1b,4b, 5c
5b, 2a
2b, 6b

1. International Language                      2. A Book Fair             3. Bangladesh
4. Load-shedding                                 5. Natural Calamities                6. Dowry
7. Necessity of sports                           8. Gender Discrimination           9. Digital Bangladesh
10. Green House Effect/Global Warming                                               11. Earthquake
12. Mobile phone                                 13. Price Hike


Format of writing job application.
The Concerned Person wjL‡Z n‡e|
cÖwZôv‡bi bvg wjL‡Z n‡e,
cÖwZôv‡bi wVKvbv wjL‡Z n‡e.
Subject: Prayer for the post of a/an ................
I have come to know from your advertisement published in ‘The Daily Star’ on the 26-03-10 that you are going to appoint a/an/some................................. at your kind disposal. I beg to offer myself as a candidate for the same. For this purpose, my resume/bio-data/curriculum vitae and other necessary articles are given below:
Ressum/Bio-data/Curriculum Vitae
1. Name                                              : M Rahman
2. Father’s Name                               : N Rahman
3. Mother’s Name                             : s Begum
4. Present Address                            : Vill- V, P.O- L, Upzila & Dist.- Manikgonj.
5. Permanent Address                       : Do.
6. Date of Birth                                 : 19-09-19983.
7. Nationality                                     : Bangladeshi.
8. Educational Qualification            :
Nameof Exa.
Passing year
Dhaka Board
B. Study
Dhaka Board
B. Study
Dhaka University
Ist Class
Dhaka University
Ist Class
9. Computer Skill                              : MS word and MS Excel.
10. Language Skill                             : Fluency in Bangle and English.
11. Experience                                  : I have been working in the same field for five years.
May I, therefore, hope and pray that you be kind enough to consider my application and appoint me to the post prayed for.
Yours faithfully,

Rules of using articles in a brief. 

Articles(c`vwkªZ wb‡`©kK)
Bnv Noun ev Noun group Gi c~‡e© e‡m Noun †K wb‡`©wkZ K‡i| Bnv `yB cÖKvi| †hgb-
1. Indefinite(Awbw`©óZvevPK a, an) : hv Øviv A‡bK ¸‡jvi g‡a¨ †h †Kvb GKwU‡K/GKRb‡K eySvq|aGes an A_© GKB, GKwU ev GKRb| G‡`i g~j cv_©K¨ Ae¯’vbMZ|A_©vr A‡bK¸‡jvi g‡a¨ †h †Kvb GKwU‡K eySv‡j Zvi c~‡e© a ev an em‡e|
a/an Gi e¨envi:
(i) k‡ãi ïi“‡Z (a,e,i,o,u) vowel _vK‡j Zvi c~‡e© an e‡m|wKš‘ one Gi c~‡e©  a e‡m Ges e/u Gi D”PviY hLb BD Gi gZ nq ZLb Zvi c~‡e© a e‡m|
(ii)k‡ãi ïi“‡Z consonant _vK‡j Zvi c~‡e© a e‡m| wKš‘ consonant D”PviY  bv n‡q hw` vowel D”PviY nq Zvi c~‡e©  an e‡m|
k‡ãi ïi“‡Z NU‡j ¯^i AvMgb
Zrc~‡e© an m`v wb‡e †h Avmb|

 2. Definite(wbw`©óZvevPK the): AwØZxq †Kvb wKQz ev A‡bK¸‡jvi g‡a¨ wbw`©ó †KvbwU‡K †evSv‡bvi Rb¨ the e¨envi Kiv nq|

The Gi e¨envi:
1|‡Kvb wKQy wbw`©ó K‡i †evSv‡bvi Rb¨ Zvi c~‡e© the e‡m|
2| AwØZxq †Kvb wKQyi c~‡e© the e‡m|
3| ‡Kvb noun c~‡e© e‡m, hw` Avevi Av‡m Ges c~‡e©iwU‡KB eySvq ZLb Zvi c~‡e© the e‡m|
4| Adjective hLb Noun iƒ‡c e¨en„Z nq ZLb Zvi c~‡e© e‡m|
b`x, mvMi, ØxccyÄ,
RvnvwRw`, wMwicyÄ|
RvwZ, ag© I ag©MÖš’,
‡KvU©, wm‡bU I msev`cÎ|
w`b, ZvwiL I gv‡mi bvg,
hZ Av‡Q L¨vZ avg|
P›`ª, m~h©, MÖn, Zviv,
Av‡iv hZ wek¦, aiv|
c„w_ex‡Z AwØZxq Av‡Q hZ,
Zrc~‡e© e‡m The e¨vKiYMZ|

we:`ª: 1|MYbv Kiv hvq Ggb GKwU bvg Øviv hw` GKRvZxq mevB‡K ‡evSvq ZLb Zvi c~‡e© a/an ev the Df‡qB em‡Z cv‡i|‡hgb-A/The cow is a useful animal.
2| MYbv Kiv hvq bv A_ev GKvwaK †evSv‡j Zvi c~‡e© KLbI a/an e‡m bv| Z‡e wbw`©ó K‡i eySv‡j the e‡m|
Some important tag questions:
Tag Questions:
1.      There is not enough time, is there?
2.      Please help me, will/ won’t you?
3.      Let us go there, shall will?
4.      Let them go, will/shall they/you?
5.      Every body is happy there, aren’t they?
6.      None wishes to be unhappy, do they?
7.      Nothing has happened, has it?
8.      I work sincerely , don’t I?
9.      There are many problem in our country, aren’t there?
10. Bangladesh is our motherland, isn’t she?
11. The sun gives us heat, doesn’t he?
12. One should love his parents, shouldn’t one?
13. One cannot deny his proposal, can one?
14. This is a nice building, isn’t it?
15. That cow is not strong, is it?
16. These mangoes are not tasty, are they?
17. Some of the students are present, aren’t they?
18. Most of the water is polluted, isn’t it?
19. How beautiful the flower is, isn’t it?
20. What a fool you are, aren’t you?
21. I know that he is honest, don’t I?
22. It is known to all that the Earth moves round the sun, isn’t it?
23. I am right, aren’t I?
24. You have to go there, don’t you?
25. He’d better do it, hadn’t he?