Thursday, September 22, 2016

Unseen Passage for Ten

 Read the text below and answer the questions that follow:
Facebook is a directory of photos and basic information of its users; their profile and information of their product. There are different types of Facebook for different types of people. Facebook is the most popular and most largely used social net-working service with over one billion active users. Facebook expands relation among people around the world. Facebook was first founded by Mark, Zucker Berg along with his roommates and classmates of Harvard University. Later on its network expanded to many other colleges and universities. More later on, its network expanded up to school level. Any students over 18 years can become a registered user of Facebook. Though Facebook gives entertainment to student-users and helps them know one another, it has now become a curse for the students, Students spend much of their valuable time in Facebook neglecting their studies.. In the United States, Facebook has turned into a national obsession encouraging narcissism.Facebook has both uses and abuses. Its merits in the field of friends-making, connecting people, chatting, job-seeking and business expanding cannot be denied. The use of Facebook is expanding because one can use Facebook paying a very little to intern et service provider. Another reason is that it helps us to make us publie to the world’s people mo0st importantly. A user can avail “Privacy Protection Measure’ if he/she desires so, In spite of all these, the demerits of Facebook in derailing teenagers and even the adult cannot also be denied. It is now almost equally used and abused. We shou8ld take all possible steps so that this blessing does not turn into a curse.
1. Choose the correct answer form the alternatives:
a) Which of the following words has the closest meaning of the word ‘expands’ used in line4?
i.develops    ii. Widens    iii.spreads out    iv.lengthens
b) What does the expression “A user can avail privacy protection measure”protection measure” if he/she desires so, means?
i.A user has the opportunity of taking measure against any wrong done to him.
ii. A user has the opportunity of protecting his/her private information if he/she wishes.
iii.A user can measure up  the opportunity of protecting his/her information.
iv.A user have the opportunity of protecting his/her life and property.
c) Which of the following best describes the reason why Facebook is expanding so fast?
i. One can make friendship in the exchange of huge money.
ii. One can ensure privacy protection in exchange of ots of money.
iii.One can use Facebook paying a very little.
iv. One can use Facebook by informing the Internet service provider.
d) Which word of the following best dest describes Facebook?
i. friend   ii. Linker    iii. Entertainer      iv. Time-killer
e) Which of the following statement is/are true about the demerits of facebook?
i. It helps the people connect worldwide.
ii. I helps the people chat in any corner of the world.
iii. It induces the students to waste much of their valuable time.
iv. It encourages the students to know important information.
f) In paragraph 2, it is said. “ It is now almost equally used and abused”. What does it mean by this sentence?
i. Facebook has both advantages and disadvantages
ii. Facebook has merits only
iii.Facebook has demerits only
iv. Facebook has a personal website
g) What is the main purpose of the author of this passage?
i. To show the advantages and disadvantages Facebook
ii. To make people aware of bad aspects of Facebook
iii.To show the usefulness of the Facebook to the people
iv.To increase the use of Facebook
2.Answer the following questions:
a) From the reading of the passage, give some idea of Facebook.
b) Facebook has become a curse for the students? Who says this? Why does he say so? Explain in 2/3 sentences.
c) What does the author preach in this passage?
d) Describe the usefulness of Facebook. How is Facebook useful to us?
e) Do you support the idea that the use of facebook is increasing? Why/why not? Explain in 2/3 sentences.
3. Write a summary of the passage in no more than 70 to 80 words.